The advantages of windshield repair: prevention and savings

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Why is it always worthwhile to repair the windshield?

The first answer relates to costs: the repair, even if we have not activated the cover on the windows in our policy, is paid 5 to 10 times less than the replacement. The second relates to timing: it takes about thirty minutes for the repair to take place, while the total change of the windshield takes up to two hours. Third, an eye on the environment: does repairing a windshield reduce CO2 emissions by 90% despite replacement windshield repair st. charles mo

Fines for those with damaged front windows?

There is also a precise answer to this question. The Highway Code makes no discounts. The current legislation provides for a damaged windscreen – beyond if it is a chip or crack – penalties ranging from 85 to 335 euros with the aggravating circumstance from 45 to 168 euros if the assessment is carried out on the motorway.

What happens during the review?

The damaged windshield will make us go home empty-handed. In the sense that our vehicle will not pass the inspection, precisely for the same reasons as in the previous paragraph. A broken glass is not in order in any situation.

Last but not least, safety!

After so many questions and answers, it takes an affirmation. Safety first of all. In the case of windshield repairs, failing to do so can also create a sudden break, due to vibrations and kickbacks due to serious irregularities in the road surface. Or, the cause may be changes in hot-cold temperatures between heaters, air conditioning and external climatic conditions.

Another recommendation is to avoid DIY. Years of training and experience are required to work on a windshield. Avoid “homemade” interventions and / or with unauthorized persons and without certified pieces. Also because, in the event of damage or accidents, the insurance coverage may lapse.

Chip or crack?

When we talk about windshield damage we must first understand if it is a chip or a crack. Unfortunately, the latter cannot be repaired. The chip, on the other hand, is subject to professional repair when it is less than a 2 euro coin, is positioned at least 6 centimeters from the uprights and is not in the middle of the driver’s view. The most recent data in terms of damaged windshields say that 36% (over one in three) do not intervene.