How is the golf club made?

The golf club has a fundamental function in the sport of the same name.

The club consists of a thin rod called a shaft which can vary in length which is gripped on top using both hands. At the end of the stick there is a shorter segment called the “head”, a few centimeters wide, which is used to hit the ball book a tee time in Brooks, CA.

Golf clubs can be different from each other and can be divided into three main categories according to the material they are made of: woods, irons, putters , hybrids or utilities.

The woodsthey are the ones that gave rise to this instrument and serve to cover the greatest distances, however, to the detriment of accuracy. The irons can be long or short according to your preferences. Again, the longer ones cover greater distances and on certain types of pitch (such as sand) can affect the ball. One of them is the sand wedge . Before being used,

each golf club must be approved by the governing body which establishes their “suitability” on the playing field.

The 6 types of golf clubs

The Driver

Drivers are part of the woods. As you retrace the history of golf, you will find that golf clubs were made of wood, usually persimmon or hickory, but modern golf clubs now have little to do with wood. Modern drivers are made of metals such as steel or titanium.

Fairway woods

Fairway woods also fall into the category of woods, and just like the driver, these clubs have nothing to do with wood anymore.

They are commonly called wood 3, 5 or 7 (in fact the driver is wood 1) based on the loft angle.

The irons

The category of clubs most used in the golf course is certainly that of irons. This is because with an iron you can pretty much hit from anywhere in the course, both short and medium range hits.


The name derives from the fact that its characteristics are a combination of those of the woods with those of the irons.


Wedges are part of the macro-category of irons, they have a loft greater than 42 ° (typically that of iron 9), but have a specific use that characterizes them more than other irons.


Here we are at the most important and most used club in golf, the putter.