Learn about Autoflowering versus Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Choosing between autoflowering and feminised cannabis seeds is akin to comparing apples and oranges. They are both enticing and have their own distinct advantages, but they are also extremely different in many respects. The relaxation of cannabis production regulations across The delight of producing great cannabis at home is simple to grasp, especially when you consider how much less expensive it is than purchasing at a dispensary. But which of these two varieties of cannabis seeds is preferable for home cultivation? Should you start with autoflower and feminized marijuana seeds? Learn below

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds, as the name indicates, are ones that have been purposefully developed to eliminate males from the equation. Because male cannabis plants don’t produce anything particularly smokable, it is best to leave them out of the equation totally. All feminised cannabis seeds purchased will produce female plants with a chance of roughly 99 percent.

Advantages of Feminized Seeds

The most obvious advantage of feminised seeds is the ability to produce larger harvests by only developing female plants. Furthermore, photoperiod feminised strains may be ‘kept’ in the development stage for as long as you wish, allowing you to focus on their vigour and size before transitioning to the blooming stage.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering strains, on the other hand, have been developed to enter the flowering stage at a specified time. Regardless of the conditions, the plants will begin to blossom at a young age.

Advantages of Autoflowering Seeds

One of the most significant advantages of autoflowering cannabis is its ease of use. Rather of needing to manually modify lighting cycles to get your plants to blossom, they will do so when the moment is appropriate. Similarly, there is no waiting for the seasons to change and start the blossoming phase if growing outside.

Furthermore, because the plants are ‘programmed’ to begin flowering at an early stage, the whole seed-to-harvest period can be greatly decreased. A package of cannabis seeds may be transformed into a crop of harvest-ready plants in as little as seven weeks in some cases. This is all about autoflower and feminized marijuana seeds