Improving Health Through Exercise and Nutrition

People don't think twice before eating fast food.

When people talk about health, physical health is what is understood, although our mental health is also a very important component of any health and fitness plan. The definition of health is generally not accepted and is defined as the absence of diseases and injuries. The World Health Organization defines it as a state of complete well-being, which includes physical, mental and social well-being. According to this definition, it cannot be said that a person is healthy, simply due to the absence of any disease or weakness.

Improving Health Through Exercise and Nutrition

People don’t think twice before eating fast food.

According to an old saying, people become what they do and what they think. But our diet and level of physical activity play an important role in our health. In today’s life, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle without eating and sleeping properly. Their dietary intake is low: their daily diet includes a large amount of fast food, junk food, fried foods, cola, alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee. Add to this the lack of exercise, and the full recipe for disaster health is ready. People have machines to do everything for us, and they hardly do physical activity. People have a motorcycle and a car to take us to the nearest market and office, and they use elevators instead of stairs to reach the offices located on the upper floors.

Physical activity is a prerequisite to restore our physical form.

The lack of movement and stretching of our limbs exacerbates our problems, and suffer many diseases due to the lack of daily exercises. People like to spend their free time in front of their televisions or chat on the Internet using their mobile phones or computers, instead of walking or exercising with cars or bicycles. It is said that teenagers, young people and even middle-aged people fill hamburgers and steaks to feed their stomachs during dinner, since they do not carry the appropriate Tiffin to give their body complete nutrition.

Today, people care more about their health than before.

Poor dietary intake, which included cola and fatty foods, led millions of people to be overweight and lose shape. Fortunately, people realized the danger of obesity and now, more than ever, they are more concerned about their health to return to form and find the physical form for their body and mind. Gym mushrooms and health and fitness centers grow around us, reflecting a growing awareness. The same concern for health and fitness is manifested in diets, where people are aware of the total number of calories they consume.


The understanding that proper nutrition and physical activity are necessary to improve health and fitness has led to the market being flooded with health products, such as supplements, proteins and exercise equipment to exercise at home.