Why You Must Consider Training German Shepherd?

A well-trained and friendly German Shepherd is a complete joy to stay with, and an important reason why it is a most famous dog breed in United States. Ensuring you bring best of this wonderful breed begins with proper trained german shepherd puppies miami fl, when German Shepherd is highly impressionable.

In the US, GSD ranks as a second popular dog breeds. Actually, German Shepherds dogs have several talents and amazing traits that make them the top dogs that each household must own. Even though German Shepherds dogs are one big responsibility, but their friendship is quite priceless.

  • German Shepherd, on an average, can cost around $3,000 per year in the food, personal grooming & vet care that is something you must keep in your mind.
  • Due to their quick growth, German Shepherd dogs need their diets very closely monitored and regulated to avoid any potential health issues.
  • They will require positive reinforcement right from first day itself. Never train the German Shepherd dog by force. Most of the dog bites generally are from the scared dogs and not dogs that will attack.
  • You should research on the dog breed so that you know everything about them in detail. German Shepherds have image problem; many people think that they’re inherently vicious but actually they are not.

How Long It Takes For German Shepherd to Get Trained?

Well it depends on several factors, whether you have an adult or puppy. This takes 8 – 12 weeks to train the German Shepherd dog to learn some basic commands.

Generally, many 20 week old GSD are crate trained, house trained, and know some basic commands and traits if you have trained them rightly. Crate training can take around one week to introduce gradually and get your puppy or dog go in the crate to relax on own. However, if your pet has had the bad experience in the crate then it can take several months.

Remember if you have adult German Shepherd who has lived with a different owner (or dog owners) you might need to undo any improper training and behavior issues.