Features and Functions of Real Estate Agent CRM

real estate agent CRM

The real estate agent CRM by the top producer is sophisticated software that can be used in various tangents in real estate. Many agencies prefer it, and its popularity vouches for its efficiency and reliability.

Establish a customer base with top manufacturers

Establish a personal connection with X-Factor Insight

  • TopProducer’s CRM is full of new ideas for the latest property tracking. Whether you call potential customers for the first time or look for new opportunities, you have instant access to innovative tools to help you make connections.
  • Add social insights. This is a continuous update of public information contacts (such as photos, interests, locations, positions, etc.).
  • Use Property Insights to track buyers, a free MLS connection that shows ads viewed, interested, or voted on.
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of all contacts, including photos, social media links, notes, relationships, important appointments, tags, status, etc.
  • View past interactions with useful history, such as received text messages, emails, call logs, and Market Snapshot reports.

real estate agent CRM

Simplify monitoring with TopProducer CRM

TopProducer CRM has powerful features and a simple user interface so that you can interact with your contacts in just a few minutes a day.

  • Track transactions to transform customers by linking MLS data to your workflow
  • Follow your real estate agent to make meaningful contacts 5 times a day or 1,000 or more times a year.
  • You can communicate via SMS or email.
  • Create tasks by adding call summaries, so you don’t forget the next few steps
  • Save time with verified text and email templates, or customize to your personal needs
  • Get information about who opens, reads, and unsubscribes emails so we can improve tracking
  • Add Market Snapshot reports to CRMTop producer to subscribe to the industry’s highest open rate emails.
  • Build a team

The best in business

To confirm it for yourself, request a demo. They guarantee that you will love it. Their customer care team is amicable and professional. You can ask for their aid with any query or problem that you may have. Try out the best real estate agent CRM in the market today.