Making Your Business Card

There is a lot more to a business card than just being a fancy piece of paper. You need your business card to establish connections and to hand out to people so that they can remember you when they require certain services that are relevant to your job title. A certain amount of thought does need to go into your business card because a poorly designed or overly extravagant business card will not be received well, and if it leaves a bad impression, the likelihood of people connecting with you later decreased. If you are looking for design inspirations or templates, you can check out the offerings at Black Metal Kards and see where it takes you.

Your business card is only supposed to contain the necessary details. You do not have to treat it like a resume or a cover letter with extravagant details and listing all of your past work titles and positions. You just need to have your name, your current job title, and your contact information on the business card. If you want, you can add in a small line or quote that might grab people’s attention, but this does not always work, and it needs to be done very subtly otherwise it can look tacky and childish.

Simple and clean is the way to go with business cards, but if you work in a field/industry that allows for some degree of playfulness like a pastry chef, a party planner, or something along those lines, you have a little extra legroom to be creative, but otherwise, most professionals suggest keeping the business card simple and easy to read so that everything can be seen at first glance and does not require poring over confusing cursive or hard to read the text in general.