Top 3 inspirational movies- you can stream this movie anywhere

Telugu Industry has become one of the most popular industries. It has earned its name and fame worldwide due to the lavish content and movie quality it provides. Tollywood provides the best audio-visual experience, eye-catching views, soft music, and lively dance moves. Tollywood industry is growing more, day by day. It never focuses on a particular type of content. It keeps on updating with the requirement, tastes, and preferences of the customers. Tollywood offers a wide range of genres to its audience. It includes horror, comedy, love, romance, action, and drama. With the help of its movies and web series, it motivates and inspires people. It gives a positive message and thereby wipes off the pessimistic thoughts from the audience’s mind. Telugu industry streams their movies on the OTT channel. Aha is one of the leading OTT channels which offers free HD movies online to its audience.

Let’s have a look at the three best inspirational movies which are streamed in Aha. These are the most-watched and top-rated movies.

  • Businessman: PuriJagannath directed this movie. In this movie, it appears as if Puri did not use a pen but a gun. His dialogues are so direct that it goes deep into our heart and mind. Puri taught us many inspirational conversations and life lessons through this movie.
  • Lakshmi:

The movie Lakshmi was directed by A.L. Vijay and produced by ShrutiNallappa. It is about a small girl who becomes inspirational by showing her interest and passion for dance. Lakshmi is a dancer whose dream is to become a good dancer and win the ‘Pride of Life India Jr’ Tittle. With the help of Prabhu deva, she got a chance to perform. There she impresses everyone with her dance.

  • Vedam:

It is a 2010 Indian Telugu movie based on humanity. The director of the movie is Krish. In this movie, Krish tried to convey inspirational stories to the audience. A child who is passionate about studies, a character of Cable Raju who understands that money is not everything, Manchu Manoj who follows his dream, a feeling of Anushka who wants to dream big despite being limited. The movie will surely make your heart heavy. It brings out the actual message with the film.

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