Unique Yet Clever Ways To Make Money In RuneScape

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There are traditional ways of making money in RuneScape like fishing, mining, woodcutting, cooking, and so on. But lately, RuneScape players have also shared weird yet very clever ways to earn money in the game as well. Although you can also choose to buy runescape gold from your trusted seller online, it would still be best if you know these strategies that other players use. So if you are a new RuneScape player, here are the non-traditional ways of making money that you can try.

Pick Some Bananas

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RuneScape members can earn as much as 700,000 an hour by just picking bananas! Yes, you read it right. You can buy hundreds of baskets because a full inventory of 23 baskets of bananas can give that much money. And once the baskets are full, you can use a Ring of Dueling for baking. Just repeat the process until you get tired of picking bananas, or if you have enough money for what you need.

Grapes From Killed Guards

If you want to earn about 500,000 an hour, then you can do this by killing the guards for the grapes. The guards from Varrock or Falador are in great numbers so they are the most preferred compared to the other guards on the map. The grapes that they drop when they get killed would sell for around 2,700 each. It would be best if you start with a higher combat level, preferably around 60+ for better results.

Drink Wine

Some players also suggest that you can spend some time getting drunk, not in real life but in the RuneScape world. Drinking wine can help you earn 350,000 in an hour. All you have to do is purchase jugs of wine and drink them all. Sure, your attack stats will lower at this time but you can always use a super restore potion.

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Hunt Polar Kebbits

Even at Level 1, you can already start hiring for polar kebbits. This can help you earn around 330,000 per hour. There are no requirements needed. In fact, you don’t need any gear to do this. All you will need is a noose want and know the Kebbit tracks to start hunting. What you need to collect here are the Polar Kebbit Fur.

Making money in RuneScape is never going to be easy. It takes time and effort if you want to earn the amount that you need. So if you want the shortcut, you can always opt to purchase RuneScape gold instead. If you consider that option, remember to only buy from trusted sellers.